Italian researchers investigating World War II events in the Upper Tiber River Valley have, with the help of American researchers, found the exact crash site of the B-25 Mitchell bomber that was shot down over Italy on May 26, 1944. In the book, I reported that Italian partisans told the navigator it crashed about six miles northwest of Sansepolcro. The exact crash site was found to be about four miles west of Sansepolcro and about two miles northeast of Anghiari in a small locale called LocalitÓ Viaio, about a half mile west of the Tiber River in the Upper Tiber River Valley.

     The father of one of the Italian researchers was an eyewitness to the crash. He said the plane hit with such a force that the two engines broke off, caught fire, and bounced forward for approximately 200 meters, or about two football fields, burning the cornfield in their path.

     The Italian researchers involved in this collaboration are Agostino Alberti, Luca Conti, Dr. Paolo Rossi and Dr. Alvaro Tacchini; and the American researchers helping them are Barbara Ennis Connolly, John T. Fitzgerald and Patricia M. Johnson. The crash site found by these researchers is in sync with the map coordinate point (R 431440) specified by the Army Air Force personnel who found the wreckage in 1944.

     In light of the above, the map on page 133 has been revised to show the exact crash site of the plane.
John W. Lanza
April 15, 2014

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