Visuals from the Book

There are twenty-four pages of photographs, maps and illustrations in the book. The list below was taken from the book and describes each page. A sample photograph, map and illustration can be accessed below:

  1Photograph of Sergeant William A. Lanza  35
  2Map of the South Atlantic Route  38
  3Photograph of Technical Sergeant Alfred J. Todd   49
  4Map of Italy   59
  5Map of the Gustav Line and Anzio Beachhead   66
  6Photographs of the Monte Cassino Abbey   76
  7Photograph of Major William Clark Hunter101
  8Photograph of Second Lieutenant Walter H. Brickner 109
  9Photograph of Second Lieutenant Laverne. E. Reynolds 112
10Photograph of Second Lieutenant John H. Kinney 115
11Photograph of Sergeant John W. Denny, Jr. 117
12Illustration of Planes on Last Mission 121
13Illustration of Crew Positions on Bomb Run 123
(Artwork by Brian Bromborsky)
14Painting of Aircraft in Distress 130
(Artwork by Gregory Stone)
15Map of Flight Path of Aircraft and Landing Sites of Crew 133
16Photograph of Goffredo Sarri 139
17Photograph of Riccardo Becattini 141
18Illustration of the Farm Complex 156
(Artwork by Brian Bromborsky)
19Map of Interdiction Belt 161
20Illustration of P-47 Thunderbolt on the Attack 163
(Artwork by Brian Bromborsky)
21Map of the Front 180
22Map of the Road to Liberation 197
23Photograph of the Sarri Family in 1968 267
24Photographs of Riccardo Being Honored for Courage 271

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